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A Cold Day In Hades - A Middle School Novel

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A Cold Day In Hades - A Middle School Novel ©2016

    Things were going pretty much “business as usual” for fifteen-year-old Pepsi Ferrell and the members of the teenage rock band “The Pop Tops,” at least as usual as being a teenage amateur rock star can be.
A strange twist of fate however, sends Harry, Phillip, Pepsi and her little brother RC, into Hades, the underworld of Greek mythology, in search of their lost dog Zeus.
A battle is taking place for the very soul of the underworld itself, as a new player enters the game, or so she thinks. Strange magic is brewing and it may be up to the four outsiders to set things right again.
The fact that their music is magical too should help, if they can just figure out how to control it.
Join us as we follow Hades, Persephone, Dionysus, Thantos, Styx, Charon, Tiresias, the Nine Muses, the three ladies of Fate, and all the rest of the divine family (that puts the “funk” in dysfunctional,) through all of Hades creation and back again. Dealing with the most notorious of the “Denizens of the Deep,” including a visit from the “All Father” himself, Zeus, and his all wet brother Poseidon…the underworld will never be the same.

*NOTE* A Cold Day In Hades is a middle school novel with four main characters in the 13-16 age group. It is a lighthearted attempt to take the dark and sometimes vague subject of Greek Mythology and lighten it up for younger audiences.
The focus of the novel is on giving a general education of Greek mythology in a funny and entertaining manner, at the same time tackling teen issues and concepts such as change, divorce, working, entrepreneurship, personal motivation, self-esteem, and diversity among others.

A Cold Day In Hades - A Middle School Greek Mythology Novel

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