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A Time To Die - A Supernatural Crime Novel

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A Time To Die - A Supernatural Crime Novel ©2016

If someone gave you an untraceable gun and bullets and told you to kill someone, and then told you that even if you get caught you have complete immunity from prosecution, would you do it?
What if they offered to pay you outrageous amounts of money?
What if the people that they wanted you to kill, were the worst of the worst, literally the scum of the earth?
What if you didn’t have any choice?
What would you do if you found out that everything you ever learned about right and wrong was a lie? 
Life has never been easy for Maria Estevez. Growing up dirt poor, even when she did come into money, it really didn’t change things very much. No matter how hard she tried, her past and bad life choices kept holding her back. 
Janine Joliette was once a famous nightclub singer, but she ruined her career when she let her fears and the seductive lure of alcohol and self-pity get the best of her. 
Lisa Moore was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, sheltered from the real world; she never really got along too well with anyone. For some reason the people that she met always ended up abandoning her. 
Little did any of them know, that one night’s impulsive actions would bring the three of them a fight for their lives.

A Time To Die - A Supernatural Crime Novel

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