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A Moderne Guide To Witchcraft - A Magical Comedy

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A Moderne Guide To Witchcraft - A Magical Comedy © 2017

Imagine a very special book.
One that has survived in its original form since the time of Constantine the Great.
A secret and powerful book, full of magic and the knowledge of the ancients.
Travel with this book and the people who come in contact with it from 300 AD and the newly created capital of the Holy Roman Empire, across the Mediterranean, Europe and the Atlantic Ocean to North America where it eventually winds up in the tiny town of Armadillo, Texas in the present day.
Meet Claire Wisinski, middle-aged, divorced, brewery worker and dreamer. She buys the ancient tome at a yard sale and along with her best friends Becky and Laura Beth, set about unlocking its secrets.
Things go pretty well for their efforts, with only a couple of minor mishaps until the book’s use catches the attention of the Heavenly Host then all Hell breaks loose.
Enter 67 year old Susan Linkinogger, reluctant Madam, Voodoo Princess and Zombie Killer. She senses the book’s presence too and Heaven help us all because it's going to take every one of Susan’s ladies of the night, a couple hundred rounds of incendiary shotgun shells and a whole lot of angel magic to save the town of Armadillo from the looming apocalypse.
This story contains sexual innuendo and the occasional use of the word sperm.
If either of these offends you, please do not buy this book. You won’t like it.


A Moderne Guide To Witchcraft - A Magical Comedy

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