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Almost Super - A Heroic Tale

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Almost Super - A Heroic Tale © 2022

Crime is running rampant in New Megatropolis and someone has taken all the super heroes offline.
Who do you call?
The most unlikely team of not so super heroes ever assembled.
Enter Rex Bannon, unofficial leader and mild mannered biophysicist. Mutated by a research experiment gone horribly wrong, when danger strikes, he can curl up in a ball like an armadillo, roll away fast, and jump really high.
Emma Doherty, TV news reporter, a freak accident fused a cell phone in her head. She is able to hack secure networks and emoji with just a single thought.
The Zipper, speed demon, and undisputed Queen of power shopping.
Proton, for when size really does matter.
The Wrestler, loud proud and pumped full of steroids.
Dolphin Man part man, part…um…well…you get the idea.
Bad guys beware, for when they are joined by The Invincinator, The Nightjar, Jewel, Clay, and The Gasman they are most certainly destined to be, Almost Super.