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Atlantis Rising - An Epic Comedy

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Atlantis Rising - An Epic Comedy © 2023

Okrachokee Beach, northeast Florida's best kept secret. The tiny coastal town possesses more senior citizen communities per capita than any other in the US. It has no airport, seaport, or train station, but hosts three national parks and countless nature preserves. Mangroves are a common sight as are manatees and alligators, mainly because the majority of the real estate in Okrachokee Beach was created by decades of draining and filling in their habitat.
Unlike many coastal cities, Okrachokee Beach doesn't want tourists. There are no Welcome signs at the city limits. No flower filled planters. The one public beach is in such disrepair that any tourists who make it through the intimidation gauntlet turn right around and leave without getting out of their cars. Not much changes in Okrachokee Beach. Life is uneventful and mostly adequate, just the way the town's people like it.
That is all about to change when a mysterious island appears just off the coast.

WARNING: Do not buy this book if you are easily offended.

Atlantis Rising - An Epic Comedy

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