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YOU LIE! - A Cautionary Tail - Dark Comedy Novel

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YOU LIE! - A Cautionary Tail - Dark Comedy Novel©2016

Book two of the “Fenton, WV Dragon” series:

    People all over the “dragon-magical” town of Fenton, West Virginia are losing the ability to lie, even politicians and criminals.
    This has Sheriff Bud Wilson worried. With all the unprecedented honesty and a few unexplained disappearances, he’s afraid that it’s the work of the ten-thousand-year-old dragon that’s sleeping under the town, but that might not explain all the other strange things that have been happening.
    Twelve-year-old Pepsi Haverty thinks her beautiful winged stallion Snowball is going crazy.
    Esme the lovely purebred Were-maraner is having trouble adjusting to being human, and 70 year old Clarence “Starman” Williams, ex-hippie, warlock, conservative republican, has somehow come to the realization that he just might be the “L” word.
    Join us as we take another trip back to Fenton to visit Jasper, Amos, Snake and the super-teens, Amanda, Tiffany, Justin, and Devon and their super-magical charges.
Oh, and let’s not forget the infamous Mr. Black, who is back from the grave and looking to wreak havoc and he’s brought along some special “colorful” friends to help this time.
    The town of Fenton may never be the same.

YOU LIE! - A Cautionary Tail - Dark Comedy Novel

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